Our regular services and meetings

Sundays 10:30am – See our Liturgy and Music pages for more information about our services

Wednesday 7pm – Mid week Eucharist followed by “Life, the Universe and Everything”: discussion and discipleship group

Friday 9:15am – All Hallows Morning Prayers

All are welcome.

2 responses to “Services

  1. It would be nice to know if my autistic young man could take communion. He may never understand the higher concepts of what this means or the salvation he can receive from Jesus, but I would like him to participate as fully as he can in the church service. If I brought him along he would now have plenty of support staff. I feel that he has already taken communion at your church when he was thirteen (he’s now sixteen), and this may have been due to the fact that your church is one where everyone can participate.

    It would be really nice to bring him along on Sunday if poss. I might be going to Fylingdales to the Quaker prayer meeting on Sat. I know I have said that this church is not for us as a family unit due to me not liking Headingley, but perhaps it is better to go somewhere you know than to struggle at a different place. I would be enormously privileged to be able to attend church with my child. We went once to a service and this was of the huge congregation type, with a long sermon and he didn’t stay the course of the whole service.

    It might be nice for him to watch a DVD about Jesus and perhaps something simple about taking communion. He has watched several religious programmes about the Easter story, Christmas story, watched services on television and also seen a few religious cartoon DVDs since we started attending church when he was nine.

    • Dear Emma,
      I’m not sure if you received my reply to your message and I wanted to write to say I hope all is well and that we very much look forward to seeing you and your son at All Hallows whenever you can make it.
      If tehre is any way I or we can be of service do please get in touch – phone 0113 242 2205 or 07952691380 and we’re at 24 Regent Terrace LS6 1NP.
      With all good wishes,
      Steve Smith, vicar.

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