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This Week 21 – 27 May 2018

Mon 21 May @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Tue 22 May @ 7:30-9pm Bible Study at David’s house (07930 815911 for further info)
Wed 23 May @12-2pm OWLS lunch
Thu 24 May @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 25 May @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 25 May @ 10-4pm ‘Christianity and Non-Normative Sexualities’ research day at Leeds University
Sun 27 May @10.30am Sunday morning worship
Sun 27 May @6pmEvening worship with healing prayers

See our calendar for more details of what is happening at All Hallows’

Stop G’s deportation

G is a volunteer at our Rainbow Junktion Cafe. G was two working days away from making a fresh claim when she was detained by the Home Office and sent to a detention centre. They plan to deport her on Tuesday 22nd May. However, G was only given ‘removal directions’ on Friday 18th May, in clear contradiction to the policy that states that 72 hours’ notice must be given (including at least 2 working days).

Please read and sign the petition below, if you are able, and help us to stop G’s deportation and make the government’s “system” at least work according to it’s own policies.

This Sunday – 20th May

This Sunday we are looking forward to a very special Sunday! We’re baptising Nye and Maeve AND it’s Pentecost! Jan will be sharing her thoughts on Luke 8:40 – 56 and Acts 2:1-13, Heston will be leading our worship. So come prepared for a splashing good time celebrating the God of all creation.

This Week 14 – 20 May 2018

All Week – Christian Aid Week
Mon 14 May @10-3 
Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Tue 15 May International Conscientious Objectors Day
Tue 15 May @ 7:30-9pm Bible Study at David’s house (07930 815911 for further info)
Tues 15 May @ 7pm Archdeacon’s Visitation at Christ Church, Upper Armley
Tues 15 May @ 7-9pm Hyde Park Neighbourhood Forum meeting at AH
Wed 16 May @12-2pm OWLS lunch
Thu 17 May @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Thurs 17 May @ 7.30pm Leeds Faiths Forum meeting at Baab-ul-Ilm mosque, LS17
Fri 18 May @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 18 May @ 10am-12noon Hyde Park in Bloom! Planter and window box workshop
Fri 18 May @ 8-11pm Iftar and Scriptural Reasoning with Ahlul Bayt friends at All Hallows
Sat 19 May @ 11am-4pm IDAHOBIT! Dortmund Square, City Centre
Sat 19 May St Michael’s church walk (10-12 miles) – email Rebecca for more details
Sun 20 May @10.30am  Sunday morning worship 

See our calendar for more details of what is happening at All Hallows’

International Conscientious Objectors Day

Next Tuesday is International Conscientious Objectors Day, it is marked around the world each year on 15 May. In London each year a brief ceremony is held at the Commemorative Stone, during which the names of representative people who ‘maintained the right to refuse to kill’ are read out and white flowers are laid on the Stone for each of the people remembered.

Lead us from death to life,
from falsehood to truth.
Lead us from despair to hope,
from fear to trust.
Lead us from hate to love,
from war to peace,
Let peace fill our hearts,
our world, our universe.
Let us dream together, pray together, work together
to build one world of peace and justice for all.

More information:

This Sunday – 13th May 2018

This Sunday is a very energetic Sunday! The Leeds Half Marathon is taking place and thousands of runners will be hitting the road in a big loop around north Leeds. You can see details of road closures on their website so that you can plan how to get to church on time! The race starts at 9:30am and church will be open from before 9am if you want to come down early and have a cuppa before the roads close.

Of course, you could leave the car at home and run to church! (Or walk or cycle!)

And if you can’t get to church because of the race why not go and watch and cheer Emily on who is running in the race for the second time to raise money for Rainbow Junktion. Go Emily, go!

We will be welcoming Simon Hall as preacher and he will be sharing his thoughts on Luke 8:22-39. Heston will be leading us in our worship and in sharing the feast of life. We also have a few birthdays to celebrate!

Fruity fun!

Kids Church explored the image of Jesus as the vine this morning, through drama. The farmer, vine and branches all acted superbly!

Then we went onto look at what kind of ‘fruit’ Jesus wants to grow in us and the children made these beautiful fruit art pictures.

A wonderful morning in the garden discussing big questions and eating fruit in the sunshine with a particularly lovely group of children. Does life get any better?

This Week 7 – 13 May 2018

Mon 7 May CLOSED Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Tue 8 May @ 7:30-9pm Bible Study at David’s house (07930 815911 for further info)
Wed 9 May @12-2pm OWLS lunch
Thu 10 May @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 11 May @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 11 May @ 10am-12noon Hyde Park in Bloom! Planter and window box workshop
Fri 11 May @7pm-10pm Rainbow Junktion Syrian Kitchen and Human Rights Journal launch Bistro 
Sun 13 May @10.30am  Sunday morning worship 

See our calendar for more details of what is happening at All Hallows’

This Week 30 April – 6 May 2018

Mon 30 April @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Mon 30 April @ 6-8pm All Hallows goes to jail! Visit to HMP Leeds #2
Tue 1 May @ 7:30-9pm Bible Study at David’s house (07930 815911 for further info)
Wed 2 May @12-2pm OWLS lunch
Thu 3 May @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 4 May @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 4 May @7pm-10pm Rainbow Junktion Syrian Kitchen and Human Rights Journal launch Bistro 
Sun 6 May @10.30am  Sunday morning worship followed by a bring & share lunch

See our calendar for more details of what is happening at All Hallows’

Sermon by Peter Hemming 22nd April 2018

Notes from the Sermon by Peter Hemming 22nd April 2018

Acts 4:5-12
Luke 7:1-35

NT Reading Acts 4:5-12 is the story of Peter and John before the Sanhedrin (Jewish Council) after healing the man at the Beautiful Gate. It ends – ‘there is no other name under heaven by which you must be saved.’ Unequivocal stuff.

Overview – Luke 7 …

Audience: Gentiles. Where Mt. gets tangled in the OT references, Luke’s writing to us. He writes good Greek –literary stuff. Greek was the best language of the day for reaching intelligent people.  He dwells more than others on women and other ‘non-folk’. The Gospel is LONG – almost a Coffee Table Book. (Cf Threads in Revelation): add Acts and it’s huge.

Luke presents Jesus: The Saviour of the World – all of us. What Jesus did/does is relevant to us/ now. Our humanity – everyone can be reached.

[It will be helpful too for you to know: My view of Scripture – how I read the passage for myself, and thus will preach! And My view of Mission! There is a risk of all my sermons becoming Missional!]


Jesus has just finished the ‘Sermon on the Plain’ (contrast the Sermon on the Mount in Mtt.); 6:17-end covers the ground that Mtt did in 3 chapters. It ends, as does Mtt with the story of the Wise Man and the Foolinsh Man, building their houses on rock or sand. This passage, starting at 7:1 – 35 is at the beginning of the section 7:1 to 8:21 is entitled ‘The Good News’ in the BST commentary. It is the point where the Theory of the Sermon becomes the Practice in the real world. Wise men will …

Though the ‘bibles’ have three headings for the two ‘healings’ and then ‘the message from John’, I see five sections in the Gospel. If you have bible to hand keep it open at Ch 7.

Sections – points to make!

HEAL 1. The Healing of the Centurion’s Servant 1 – 10 (The Text for my confirmation)

Greek words matter. Sozo = save and heal: (As sotḕr = saviour and healer).

Going into a Gentile’s house would render a Jew ‘unclean’: Jesus was quite prepared to do this – the Centurion prevented him. The Jewish Leaders saw the Centurion as ‘worthy of Jesus’ attention, because he had ‘built the synagogue’: not sure how interested Jesus was in this, but Luke records it.

The phrase ‘under authority’ demonstrated that the centurion recognised that ‘the instruction’ mattered more than ‘being there’: Jesus recognised this as the Centurion’s faith.
The slave was ‘valued’: even the underdogs of society don’t need to be unvalued by their owners.

See Peter’s preaching to Cornelius (Acts 10) – the unexpected recipient of grace is not in mainstream church!

HEAL 2. The Raising of the Widow’s Son in Nain 11 – 17

Only in Luke – none of the other Gospels carry this story. A large crowd was there – did Jesus see through the mass of people who’d ‘come to the funeral’ to realise the utter desolation of the Widow?  Compare Elisha’s healing of the widow’s child. (2Kings.17) Luke saw this as an important story to tell, here.

JB 1. The Question from John the Baptist 18 – 23

John was in prison for challenging Herod over marrying ‘his brother Philips’ wife’. For John, the expected Messiah of Malachi was going to bring fire, a burning of chaff and gathering of wheat, a sword, a judgement and doom, a challenge to the Roman Authorities: a visible consumption of all that was evil.

Jesus just didn’t look like the coming one: He hadn’t spoken out loudly against John’s imprisonment – or other injustices. If Jesus’ work was not clear then, how much less obvious is it now!

Jesus’ answer is for John’s disciples to ‘look around’. The sick are healed, the dead are raised, (first two sections) and the poor have the Good News preached to them.  Both the first two sections example folk who were ‘poor’ in ‘church’ status – the Gentile and the Widow. Jesus illustrates that here is ‘Good News’ for everyone, particularly the marginalised.

What alerts you to faith? I am excited when I hear about someone who’s ‘come to faith’ – penny dropped!  

What do you look for? Cash in the plate? Numbers rising? Home Groups growing as folk seek to deepen their faith? More social action? Freedom for ‘captives’?

JB 2. Reflection on the Question 24 – 30

“See, I am sending my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you,” was a masterful amalgamation of the OT in Ex.23:30 and Mal.3:1: John was indeed the direct forerunner for Christ, yet John was still outside the Kingdom – he had not grasped the change needed to move away from Judaism (as it was) to discipleship (as it was going to be) following Christ.

The Pharisees chose to sit outside the sphere of John’s baptism, as it would have reduced their social status. There is a challenge here for us! Where do we sit in the embrace of the Kingdom?

JB 3. Soliloquy 31 – 35

John wouldn’t play ‘weddings’ and Jesus wouldn’t play ‘funerals’.

John expected everyone to have a hard time; Jesus wanted people to love God, His Father as He did.

John wanted a renewed Judaism, possibly; Jesus wouldn’t do things properly: he was too much fun – he wouldn’t discuss morals and religion, ethics and abstract things: he was too normal, too much fun.

For John, like the cat in ‘Oi Frog!’, ‘doing the right thing’ mattered. For Jesus it was not about doing the right thing by conventional wisdom but doing the right thing by God’s yardstick.

As the Kingdom breaks in, life is always unexpected and upsetting: it is hard to fit with men’s (the church’s, the bishop’s, our) preconceived ideas and prejudices. I just wonder if Jesus thought, for a moment, no-one understood him!

What does it say to us? (to me?) What do I feel are the challenges?

  1. Do we still acknowledge that Jesus has the power to heal? Do we crave Jesus’ presence, when his word of power is what is needed even in life and death situations? (Read bit of Judy Acheson’s story from DRC).
  2. If God appears inactive – then what? Jesus says that ‘by this shall all men know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another’. What ‘Signs of the Kingdom’ should we be looking for today…?

Are there times when we feel to be real disciples we have to ‘be like John’, real ascetics’?

Are we still concerned to be proper about our faith – and ‘Church’?  Are we afraid of breaking the mould – every time we meet together? Are we keen to be really different and present Jesus to others?

How can we, as a church, be more appealing for people to want to join us?


Questions for you! 2 mins. In 2s or 3s. Choose ONE question…

  1. What ‘Signs of the Kingdom’ should we be looking for today…? Growth in £p, numbers, depth … ???
  2. How can we, as a church, become more appealing for people to want to join us?

Seek responses! Pick up on things we do together.

What did Luke intend?

That folk such as us, Gentiles, could get to hear the story of the Saviour of the World. My hope is that from what I’ve said and you’ve thought this morning, you see how this some of this fits together. We can never know the full picture, but we can see Jesus at work and acknowledge his power.

What will you take away?

That I have talked too long or have taken the stories at their face value, and not challenged their authenticity, and I have not been rigorously theological and can therefore be ignored?

Or: ‘We must learn to see Christ at work – together.’ In Acts, the Sanhedrin saw that ‘They had been with Jesus’: not Peter alone, but They, plural. We are included; we have been called. It’s not up to you or me; it’s up to us.

What do I intend?

Luke, in Acts, put uncompromising words in Peter’s mouth – ‘there is no other name under heaven …’.

Jesus’ demands on us are also radical: they change everything for us – they changed everything for me.

Today, people don’t respond to the Good News by reason alone. They must be loved into the Church.

If we try to present God to ‘them’: we must remember that God is at work in the hearts and minds of our ‘audience’. Our task is to ‘join in’ trusting that Jesus/ the Holy Spirit will do their bit too.

Whatever you have thought, keep thinking. God’s thoughts don’t go away – SD…

We all see growth differently.

We must become disciples together.

Amen? Amen.