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Church closure

No we are not closing! Well, only for a week from 21st to 25th July while we have major work done on the entrance porch. The steel roof beams are being reinforced, sandblasted, painted and a new ceiling installed. We will then be able to decorate the entrance over the summer. Once the work is finished we hope that we will be able to ring the bell again!


If you would like to make any contributions towards the work please see Jan, Paul or Richard.

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The Consecration of the Parish Church of All Hallows Leeds, February 10th, 1974

Below is an extract from the service brochure used at the service for “The Consecration of the Parish Church of All Hallows Leeds, February 10th, 1974”  plus a scan of the whole brochure.

The Parish of All Hallows emerged, like so many others in our big cities, towards the end of the Victorian age, when the church was trying to keep pace with the rapid rise in population of those years. In 1876 a small mission hut was established on Hartwell Road. Soon a new church was planned with the first incumbent, the Reverend Martyn Allnutt, taking personal charge of all building work. The work was completed in 1886 when the first church was consecrated.

During the Edwardian era the life of the district and of its church reached a high peak, with 800 children in Sunday School, 50 men in the Bible Class and a Company of the Church Lads‘ Brigade proudly making its contributions during the first world war.

After the war the wealthy families gradually moved away, but the church continued a faithful witness with outstanding examples of christian faith and charity in each generation.

During the past decade the old Victorian housing has slowly been cleared. New housing has started to take its place and the whole area is scheduled for high density rehousing as the old comes down.

On April 29th, 1970, the old church was devastated by fire. Worship continued in the rather cramped conditions of the Parish Hall and latterly in our neighbouring parish church of St. Augustine, Wrangthorn. We pray that the new church will be the start of a new era for the whole district after the years of demoralisation and decay. At our consecration service we welcome many members of Wrangthorn Church, a sign of our growing unity with our neighbours.

Consecration of All Hallows

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Terrarium at All Hallows                                                                       

Saturday August 10th saw an exciting evening of brilliant contemporary dance, visual art and fantastic break dancing.

First up was ‘Terrarium’ with Simon Birch Dance, fresh from their successful tour including the City of London Festival and the SALT festival in Cornwall. Debbi Purtill and James Southward performed the powerful and moving to John Hughes’ specially-composed soundtrack played through eight ‘Ambisonic’ speakers and the effect was breath-taking.



In an extended interval the audience had the chance to view an exhibition of beautiful visual art by Sheffield artist Trish O’Shea and local artist Nick Greenhall.


To cap the evening off, break dance group Shaolin Shadow gave a magnificent display of break dancing followed by a ‘dance battle’ – inviting some local lads to join in and show off their skills too.


Quite apart from being a scintillating  evening’s entertainment, the event raised over £700 towards our plans to repair and renovate the church roof – but even more wonderful than that was the atmosphere of excitement, togetherness and sheer delight in  the variety of creativity that was so generously on offer. Many thanks to the artistic contributors and to all whose efforts (box office, bar, food, raffle) made the evening so lovely and so memorable.

Love to all, Steve

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A Fundraising evening for All Hallows! Saturday August 10th 7pm


  • A great chance to see Contemporary dance piece ‘Terrarium’ which toured North York Moors National Park last year and this year tours London and Cornwall;
  • PLUS: TWO break-dance crews including our own Crucial Crew who practice at All Hallows every week;
  • PLUS: Music, visual art exhibits (Some for sale)  and refreshments  & raffle tickets (all for sale! )
  • PLUS: BAR!

Tickets £6 on the door (children & students half price) or book online at:

Please come and support All Hallows’ ministry among the people of this parish and wider afield,

Steve Smith, vicar

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Work morning and barbeque

dusterOur next work morning at church is going to be on Saturday 20th July from 8am. There are lots of small and big jobs for us to get on with – cleaning, painting, tidying, gardening, chatting, planning, eating and drinking, etc.

We plan to have a barbeque at lunch time and Burj has offered to help organise this. He is already talking about marinading things so it should be excellent! The barbeque will be open to anyone, you don’t have to have helped out in the morning but contributions towards the barbeque would be welcome.



So dig out those work clothes, dusters, brushes and trowels and come and join us for a fun morning and a lunchtime feast!

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The 3-peaks (well ok, one-and-a-bit peaks actually) Walk!



This is a view of Pen-y-Ghent, the first of the mountains on the 3-peaks walk. It’s an imposing mountain set against a clear sky – it’s rather more than imposing when you’re near the top, in dark cloud, lashed by rain and all you can see most of the time are the boots of the person in front! Anyway, confessions first – Pen-y-Ghent was the only one of the three peaks I managed. By the time Burj, Sarah, Andrea, Amy & Daniel  (the serious 3-peakers!) and I got to the famous Burger van at Ribble Head, I knew I had gone as far as I was going to go that day. I was, after all, under strict orders from Simon NOT to overdo it!

Looking back, it was a day to raise the spirits – the weather (after the thankfully short-lived torrential bit at the top of Pen-y Ghent it actually got quite summery!); the views – including of clouds beneath you as you climb and the magic of catching a glimpse of sunlight striking a hillside on the other side of the valley when all around you is wreathed in shadow; the  sight of all the different groups walking for a variety of causes – the youngsters walking to raise money in memory of a young lady who had died; another group walking in aid of a Crohns disease charity – plus many more walkers besides, and of a wide range of ages.

For me, though, there are three things that will remain long in my memory of the day, all of which I think speak of God in some way or other:

Firstly being on a particularly steep, slippery and distinctly dodgy bit of Pen-y-Ghent in cold, driving rain, wondering quite where this was leading – and then noticing out of the corner of my eye the figure of Burj a couple of steps beneath me, arms outstretched, Condor-like, ready to grab me in case I slipped and fell.

Secondly the way the different aspects of planning and preparation by All Hallows’ people all came together: overall organisation, flag-making, food-making or buying and sharing at various points along the way; sponsor-form creating & copying & distributing, lifts, timings, communications, and of course donating –  each little bit of the whole playing its part in making the day the truly memorable experience it was. The sentiment was kind of echoed by one of the group who said, “Every walk, however long or short, is done one step at a time”. Or as we say, some things are greater than the sum of their parts.

All this also served to remind me that working together, doing stuff like this is not only good for us, physically, emotionally and socially; it’s good for the church (a rain-proof building more fit for use by the community as well as for worship is that bit nearer) and is also such brilliant fun, something we need to bear in mind as being an important part of our life together.

Rev Steve's FeetAnd the third thing that will stay with me always is the really wonderful feeling of being in touch with the Creation – ok, sometimes a Creation that was a bit wetter or steeper or boggier than some of us bargained for, but awesome nonetheless to feel and know ourselves part of it, and it of us.

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Walk, walk, walk!


Saturday June 15th sees the day of our sponsored assault on the 3-Peak area of the Yorkshire Dales. After all the training comes the real thing! Burj and some others are aiming to do all three, Some are aiming at two, Rev Steve is aiming at one and hopefully has some support to help him over it, and those who are perhaps a “little over the hill” or are a bit too small for the Peaks are doing a shorter walk in the valley along with providing transport, support, food and water.

There are two main aims for this day, though I am sure some people may have more! The first is to have a lot of fun and fellowship together in beautiful surroundings. The second is to raise some money to help towards the repair of the roof.

All Hallows has a beautiful roof inside but sadly, the roof outside is not so good. Initially we need to replace the gulleys which are not deep enough to cope with the heavy rains that we have had in the last few years but they also leak, thus the frequent use of buckets around the church. Eventually we want to replace the whole roof and insulate the roof at the same time. This will cost considerably more and we are currently working on how we will raise this money.

So, if you would like to help us at All Hallows’ raise money to repair and then replace the roof do please sponsor our walk (click on the boots on the left) or give a donation (click on the drip on the left). You can sponsor us online or download, print out and use the sponsor form.


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Fabulous Feet!

In a previous post we introduced Burj’s Boots but it’s not just Burj who is going to walk. Lots of other feet are going to take part in walking to raise funds for our roof. They may not all be aiming to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks, some are aiming at two Peaks, some at one, and some of the youngest and oldest members are looking at a walk along the river at Horton-in-Ribblesdale whilst the “big walks” are happening.

This is all getting rather exciting! We are looking forwards to three Saturdays over the next few months when we will be limbering up our legs, wearing in our wellies and smelling our socks to make sure that we can put our best feet forwards! A reminder of the proposed walks:

  • Saturday 23rd March – a walk from All Hallows’ to Thwaite Mills along the canal and back passing the Royal Armories …. and Hannah and Burj’s home. The walk will start at 10:15am.
  • Saturday 13th April – a walk from Marsden in the Pennines
  • Saturday 25th May – a walk in the Dales
  • Saturday 15th June – The Three Peaks, Two Peaks, One Peak and River Walk!

Further details to follow. Meanwhile, of all the footwear that appears in the animated picture, can you spot:

  • your feet?
  • feet (and shoes) that have already done the Three Peaks?

animated feet

If you are taking part there is a sponsor form available here.

If you would like to sponsor us then you do so via our Just Giving page


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These boots are made for ……


… fund raising!

Sponsor Burj!

As many of you now know, after lots of consultation, consideration and contemplation, along with lots of prayer, the PCC has made the decision that we will stay in our current buildings and that we will find ways of working towards a more sustainable way of being All Hallows’, both financially and environmentally. As a result of this, we need to raise some money in order to maintain and improve the building. The first main task is to fix the roof since there is no point in doing improvements inside the building if they are only going to be spoilt by the water than pours in every time it rains. There are lots of other small and big tasks to tackle but we will aim to remember that the most important thing is the people!

Burj's feetWith this in mind, Burj has volunteered to do a sponsored Yorkshire Three Peaks walk in aid of the roof and in order to get prepared for this we are going to have a series of walks over the next few months. The proposed walks are:

  • Saturday 23rd March – a walk from All Hallows’ to Thwaite Mills along the canal and back passing the Royal Armories …. and Hannah and Burj’s home. The walk will start at 10:15am.
  • Saturday 13th April – a walk from Marsden in the Pennines
  • Saturday 25th May – a walk in the Dales
  • Saturday 15th June – The Three Peaks!

All of the walks will have different stages suitable for everyone, the idea is that everyone can take part in some way. More details to follow along with sponsor forms, publicity and blister packs!

Sponsor Burj!

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Next Work Morning – 2nd February

Sorry for all the confusion but we can now confirm that we are planning another work morning on Saturday 2nd February starting at 8am or as soon after as you want to join us, we will be having a cooked breakfast together about 9am.

Christmas is over, the decorations are down but the cold weather hasn’t gone so one of the jobs we are planning is to track down the major drafts and see if we can deal with them. We still have the window grills to finish and there are lots of minor repair jobs to do. Steve is aiming to try and tidy the vestry. And if anyone fancies polishing the piano ……!

So, as always, if you would like to join us for an action packed morning full of fun and new discoveries, join us then. If you plan to come it would be appreciated if you could let us know (Steve, Jan or myself) then we can make sure there is enough food! Children and adults welcome.

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