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Leeds Pride 2016

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VIDEO “The World Is Our Song” (Unofficial Anthem for Team Refugees)

This was All Hallows last night as we rehearsed and recorded the Unofficial Anthem for #TeamRefugees “The World Is Our Song” written and led by Beccy Owen. You can download the song from Beccy’s Bandcamp site and all profits go to PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers)

The unofficial #TeamRefugees Olympic anthem

This evening we are recording the unofficial #TeamRefugees Olympic anthem at All Hallows. We are packed out with people who have the most amazing voices singing as one!

Click on the photos for a closer look!

Nagasaki Day Memorial Commemoration

Nagasaki Day Memorial Commemoration is being organised by Yorkshire CND and will take place at 11-00am on Tuesday 9th of August in Park Square, Leeds. Paul Green will be singing as part of Leeds People’s Choir and would welcome support from anyone who would like to come to this important event.

Unity shenanigans

Praise God for a wonderful weekend. Saturday was Hyde Park Unity Day, and we teamed up with Christian and Muslim friends to host a stall…

unity day 1 setup








We had HUNDREDS of visitors, and invited them to do three things:

1. Taste some food that is found in Bible and/or Quran (grapes, figs, dates, pomegranate, olives, bread and olive oil)

unity day 2 fruits of our faiths








2. Make a mark on our ‘arty heart’. See how many languages you can spot- and keep an eye out for little baby Willow’s footprints!

unity day 6 arty heart









3. Go do a Random Act of Kindness, and then come back and tell us about it. We wrote them up (there were hundreds!) on colourful cards, to make kindness bunting.

unity day 5 acts of kindness








It was a super day, full of generosity and joy. And the Unity continued into Sunday! We had a picnic Eucharist with St Michael’s and St Chad’s and friends from Revive. But not before clearing a big field of litter, and putting huge smiles on the Unity Day organisers’ faces 🙂

unity day 8 litter picking








Praise God and THANK YOU and a big hurray!

Jane Ozanne Event

Jane Ozanne Event

Islamaphobia – MEND Conference Friday 10 June 2016

Islamaphobia MEND 10 June 2016

Community Interfaith Iftar


Sacred Wing Choir at BLF 2016

What a treat. Sacred Wing provided the very final performance of this year’s Bradford Literature Festival- and sounded just as heavenly as they look in this pic..

sacred wing bradford cathedral

Leeds mosques come to All Hallows for Ramadan

This year some Leeds mosques are coming to All Hallows on the first day of Ramadan for a cross-cultural encounter.

ramadan iftars

Revd Heston Groenewald says, “Our local mosques are taking a big step and coming to All Hallows on the first day of Ramadan (10 June), for a day-long encounter of cross-cultural and faith-inspired dialogue, to tackle Islamophobia and to create space for friendships to form and flourish. And at the end of the day, we’ll be breaking the Ramadan fast together with a wonderful Syrian meal.

“Everyone is welcome – it will be a great opportunity to learn how to understand and love our Muslim neighbours better – and they in turn would love to meet some Christian neighbours.

“We’ll be sharing stories, building friendships and, for the first time in a church (we think), MEND (Muslim engagement and development) will give their landmark presentation on ‘Islamophobia, its causes and cures’. It’s a unique opportunity to discover the main causes of Islamophobia, and, crucially, what we can do to eradicate it.

“Then at sunset, the Leeds Syrian Community will prepare an iftar meal to break the fast, and they’d love to share food and fun with all who fancy it. Again, it’s a big deal that they’re holding this in church. And they’re doing it every Friday and every Saturday in All Hallows for the whole month of Ramadan.

“Please come and share your life and faith – it’s an amazing opportunity to serve these dear embattled brothers and sisters, and to ‘have the grace to let them be our servants too’ – and eat their delicious Syrian cooking!”

The day is jointly organised by The Headingley Team of Churches, Leeds Grand Mosque, Makkah Mosque, Leeds Muslim Youth Forum and MEND.


Islamophobia Exhibition (from 12 noon all day)

Real Junk Food lunch & coffee (12-4pm)

Film screening: I Am (3pm)

‘Islamophobia: Causes and Cures’ presentation (6.30pm)

‘Walk in my shoes’- Intentional cross-cultural conversations (2pm, 5pm, 8pm)

Breaking fast together (sunset – 9.30pm)