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Work Morning 9th May 2015

A huge thank you to those who helped at the work morning this morning. As Heston said, we were spring cleaning but also doing some other jobs around the church including:


Helen tidying and reading the complete church library!

raised beds 3

Steve and Paul made a bed!

  • Heston tidying the memorial Garden
  • Hannah cleaning the windows
  • Danny made cups of tea
  • and everyone getting involved in dusting, vacuuming, tidying and clearing cupboards, polishing, removing wax from the carpet, mopping and so many other jobs.

Things are looking so much neater, cleaner and tidier! We finished our time off together with a much needed shared lunch.

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All Hallows’ work morning – Saturday 14th February


All Hallows’ work morning
Saturday 14th February from 9am
followed by shared lunch.
Why not come and join us?

There will be loads of jobs to join in with from gardening, painting the entrance porch, tidying the grounds and church and enjoying each other’s company.

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Work morning 10th January 2014

It was a very windy morning this morning with the winds gusting gale force so there was little point in trying to do much work outside so our focus was inside including:

  • cleaning the entrance walls and filling holes – hopefully we will be able to repaint it soon
  • cleaning and tidying the cafe cupboard and putting in some new shelves
  • cleaning the cooker hood and it’s filter – the filter proved to be too old and dirty so we will have to get a new one
  • tidying the children’s room – perhaps the less said about that room the better but it looks fantastic now!

I spent a few minutes in the basement clearing some “stuff” in preparation for putting up some new shelves in the next few weeks. I thought I had seen everything that we had in the basement but tucked behind some existing shelves I found the following:

George Temple memorial

St Margaret dedication

So now I want to know more about George Temple! If anyone has any information do please get in touch.


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Work Morning report – 20th September

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A huge, huge thank you to all those who came down to church this morning and lunch time to help clean and tidy and repair. We made a huge impact on the jobs, especially in the basement and the vicarage garden. Jonathan and Dan dug up some potatoes from the garden for us for lunch and by early afternoon we were all ready to drop!

A special thank you and a very warm welcome to the Rev Dan Woodhouse who is the new Methodist minister in the Leeds Headingley and West Circuit which includes our neighbours at Hyde Park Methodist Church. We hope that he settles in well and I am sure we will see a lot more of him.

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Work Morning Saturday 20th September


All Hallows’ work morning
Saturday 20th September from 9am
followed by shared lunch or barbeque.
Why not come and join us?

There will be loads of jobs to join in with from gardening, cleaning the porch, tidying the basement and enjoying each other’s company.

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Work Morning 21st June 2014

Summer solstice – the longest day. A time to get outside and celebrate God’s abundant creation.

So that is what we did today, we had a work morning and barbeque. Because of the beautiful weather we spent nearly all of the time out in the church and vicarage gardens, cutting the abundantly growing grass, planting more fruit trees, tidying the memorial garden, clearing the access route to the new gate into the garden and cleaning the patio area.

Many visitors dropped in to say hello and inspect the garden and it was great to have visitors from the meditation group and a couple from Norfolk who studied here in Leeds back in the 1960s.

The barbeque helped to refuel us and we are very pleased with the progress we have made. The garden is beginning to look fantastic and fruitful with apples, strawberries, peas and rosehips (eventually!) There is a long way to go, loads still to be done but progress is being made and the garden shows that even with poor stony soil it is possible to grow food. If only we shared God’s abundance more equally I am sure there would be enough to go round!

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My apologies for the lack of photos this time, we were so busy I forgot to take many!

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Work Morning 8th March 2014

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m shattered! I thought we were going to have a work morning but it felt more like a work day and some people were so keen they wouldn’t go home!

It was a brilliant day and a big thank you to all who came and took part. The main church looks wonderfully polished, clean and tidy (special thanks to Florence), the children’s room looks amazing, a load of unwanted “stuff” has been removed, reduced or recycled, the Memorial Garden looks better than it has done for a while, and the new mower has been well and truly tested by several people. Loads of other jobs were done and we even found the controls for the water feature. Bacon “sarnies”, mushrooms and flapjack along with a gallon or two of tea helped us along.

The requests for more work mornings has been heard and as soon as I have recovered from this one I will book a date for the next.

My apologies for the shortage of photos this time, I think we were too busy working!

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Next work morning 8th March

Spring is on its way. Honest! One thing we can be certain of is that God has established the seasons and Spring follows Winter. It’s just that we don’t know if it will be a good one or a poor one!

Anyway, Spring makes some people think of spring cleaning, and that’s partly where the next work morning at church comes in. Inside and out there are lots of little and big jobs to do in order to keep the church looking good and fit for purpose. There will be some very important jobs like tidying the memorial garden, some more mundane jobs like cleaning windows, some rubbish to go to the tip if anyone is willing, and some daredevil jobs like changing lightbulbs!

Church will be open from 8:30 am, arrive any time you like. All are welcome, adults and children, humans and dogs! And any offers to do a breakfast or lunch or BBQ would be welcome! Any questions, ask Paul.

job description - smallOh, and don’t forget your marigolds! Or gardening gloves!

Lots of love


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Work morning 16th November 2013

Sometimes I am amazed at how much work we can get done when we put our minds to it and someone dangles a carrot (or a bean stew) in front of us! Our plan for this work morning was to clean the cooker hood which needs an annual degrease, polish and shine. This was duly accomplished with lots of elbow grease from Steve and Di and passed inspection from Sonja. You may have to wear sunglasses when you visit the kitchen if all the lights are switched on!

Several other jobs were finished as well including:

  • a TV and DVD player have been installed in the meeting room and the TV will be able to connect up to a computer if required;
  • the old sign at the front of the church has been taken down and a Rowan tree (mountain ash) has been planted in its place;
  • the gents toilet has a new toilet seat!
  • some of the windows now look so clean it looks like there’s no glass (well done Nick and Jan!)
  • some pallets for making compost bins were delivered and moved into the back garden (thanks Richard!)
  • Jan and Di cleared and tidied the vestry, the cleaning cupboard, the safe, …… If you can’t find anything now, ask Jan!

We finished our morning’s work with a shared meal including a bean stew made by Steve. I think we must have a look at Steve’s job description again!

Thanks to everyone who took part, and those of you who would have been there but for circumstances – we remembered you as we worked.

And now a chance for everyone to take part in a caption competition – what captions would you add to these photos?

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Work morning 21st September 2013

I arrived at church this morning just in time to “capture” the sunrise in the church windows and I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to remove the grills one day soon and “free” the reflection of the sun!



We weren’t expecting many workers to day but we managed to achieve quite a bit. The windows at the front of the cafe and office were sanded down and under-coated by Richard (except we ran out of paint!) Sonia and Iris made some progress in the kitchen closely supervised by Danny!

The garden has not had the attention it should have done over the last few weeks with Tony and Joanne moving away – they are greatly missed – but I managed to get the posts and wires set up along the fence at the top of the wall. We will be growing some plants up the posts and wires to provide some protection from the wind and to help make the fence more secure and safe.


Despite a bit of neglect the peas and beans have done very well and I was able to pick half a washing bowl full. The rose-hips look fantastic – perhaps someone might like to make some rose-hip syrrup (or wine!) and the apple trees have done very well, especially the “Bloody Ploughman”.

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So, another productive work morning. Here’s to the next one!

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