Prayers for the House of Bishops meeting

This week we have received the following letter from WATCH regarding the House of Bishops meeting:

Dear Friends,

As you will be aware, the House of Bishops meets on Monday and Tuesday (21st/22nd May) to discuss whether and how to amend the draft legislation that will come before General Synod in July.  They need our prayers – for guidance, for encouragement, for wisdom, and for generosity.

WATCH hopes to surround the meeting with prayer this Sunday.  Below are two of the new prayer resources that will be available from 26th May at Birmingham for use in the run-up to Synod.  The first is a general prayer, the second more suitable if you are holding a vigil or something like that.

PLEASE pray for the House of Bishops this Sunday – at home, in your churches, and anywhere else, and encourage others to do so too.  You are welcome – indeed encouraged – to reproduce these prayers on your notice-sheets or for distribution on Sunday.

‘The WATCH prayer’

Gracious, loving Lord
We look forward with hope and joyful anticipation
to the time when men and women
can serve you and all people
equally in every task within your Church.

Thank you that every position held and task done
is valued by you
and furthers your mission on earth.

Thank you Lord for hearing our prayer.
Pamela Wilding (Revd Canon)


Within solidarity of the sisterhood we watch
Within blessings of the brotherhood we wait
Within cherishing of the church we witness
…the watching of the angels
…the waiting of the called
…and the witnessing of the world.

Be over us Watching One
Be beside us Waiting One
Be before us Witnessing One

…may the church, the angels and the world rejoice.
Elizabeth Baxter of Holy Rood House.

Hannah Cleugh
(on behalf of the National WATCH Committee)

For further details visit the Women And The CHurch (WATCH) website at

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