Reflection for 3rd June 2012 – Trinity Sunday

Some people find the Holy Trinity quite hard to comprehend, which is why we often hear unusual descriptions of the natures of God. Some of these which have been overheard: “Three parts of God; Three separate Gods; Three angels; Father, Son and Holy Ghost; Creator, Word, Spirit; a community; a meeting of holy minds; three representations of love; a community of perfect love, showing us how to love one another. And even, heard on the radio, “Big G, JC and Old Spooky!”

However, the development of this understanding of God has its roots in the New Testament and in the very early Church the formula “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” was used in Baptism. In the fourth century the Council of Nicea [325] united God and Jesus in having equal status and some years later theologians decided that there is one Godhead in three persons. As someone once said: “no matter our stage of life, in the Holy Trinity we have a part of God which speaks directly to our present concerns; a creator, for life; a Son who knows what it is like to be human; a Spirit to enliven, inspire and energise our own spirit and being”.
Judith Carpenter

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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