Work Morning

Rev Steve mopping up

Early this morning, before the 8am start time, we arrived at church to open up to find the Rev. Steve mopping up the rain that was dripping in through the church roof. This wasn’t in the plan! But we were far more fortunate than the residents of the Calder Valley who had been flooded out with over a months rain in one day.

A short time later more volunteers arrived and we got cracking with cleaning out blocked drain pipes, removing weeds from between paving stones, starting to tidy the cellar and tackling some of the church garden.

The Rev. Steve served us a super cooked breakfast washed down with lots of tea and then it was back to work.

Hard hats weren't really needed All help was welcomed.

Hard hats weren’t really needed – this is a child’s toy hat!

All help was welcomed

Great fun was had and we felt that we achieved quite a lot of work. We also discovered some old furnishings and this lid of a box. It appears to be the lid from a box that held silver chalices and was “Given in loving memory of Francis William Tetley by his children Oct 30th 1886”. Francis was the son of Joshua Tetley who founded the Tetley brewery, Francis made the company a huge success and after he died a window was dedicated to him by his children in the old All Hallows church which was built about 1885. If anyone has any photos of the window or knows more about the Tetley connection with All Hallows please let me know!


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