Reflection for 1st July 2012

Life is not made up of crises; life is made up of little things we love to ignore in order to get on to the exciting things in life. But God is in the details. God is what it takes in us to be faithful to them. God is in the routines that make us what we are. The way we do the little things in life is the mark of the bigness of our souls.

It’s when we go on in the heat of the noonday sun that we know what it’s like to walk the dusty roads of Galilee. It’s when we go on without firecrackers or music that we understand what the desert is like. It’s when we go on despite the fact that quitting would be more satisfying that we know that God has taken control of our lives. Then, we are being used for something greater than ourselves.
Joan Chittister

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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