Who needs sunshine…?!

Today (Saturday 7th July 2012) has been a lovely day. Firstly It’s been a day of celebration for Darren and Michael who celebrated their civil partnership with a service of prayer and thanksgiving here at All Hallows. What a great bunch of people came to help them celebrate, too – a totally joyful affair. Secondly Tony, who for two or three years has been cutting the grass in the area behind the church, turned up at the vicarage. He has had a change in his circumstances and is currently staying at St George’s Crypt. Anyway he cut the grass in the vicarage garden and said he’d be back on Tuesday to do the area behind church as well. When I offered him the customary amount for his hard work he refused it and would not be persuaded to take a penny. The reason? The help he’d had from All Hallows when he was first without a roof over his head. For him, doing some work for ‘the church’ was a way of saying thank you. In his action there was a generosity and a dignity that I  rarely see – and this from a man who has almost literally nothing. And thirdly, after days of rain the sun came out and shone on Darren and Michael’s celebration, on Tony cutting the grass – and on me too, although thinking about the happenings of the day I find myself thinking, “Who needs sunshine?’…


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