“Tying Ribbons of Hope”


Yesterday at Kirkstall Abbey a few of us joined the Prayer Walk incorporating Shaeron Caton-Rose’s arts installation ‘Procession’.

At one stage we were invited to stand or sit around a tree which was festooned with silver and white ribbons. There were prayers of intercession for individuals and various categories of people/problems/issues around the world and after each prayer we were invited to join in the response, “We tie a ribbon of hope” – and the idea was to then tie a ribbon to the tree as a physical manifestation of our prayer.

It struck me that this was such a powerful thing to do – and a necessary one. To pray is absolutely essential – and to follow up our prayer with action is equally important; we need not only to think and talk about hope – we need to become ‘ribbons of hope’ ourselves, in our every thought and word and action.

And echoing the title of the installation, together we thus become a procession of the hope we wish for ourselves and for others and the whole of Creation.

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