Colours of Love

Colours of Love
© by John Jenkins

The day was getting ready to settle down for the night, and the night moved over to make room for him.

Day said, “Would you like a cuddle?”

“You know I always like a cuddle”, Night replied. “That’s my speciality!”

So cuddle they did.

Day caressed Night from head to toe, making her glow with a firey orange hue. Thanking her lucky stars for such a lover, Night responded by opening her dusky portals.

Day sank down into Night’s warm embrace, sending shafts of crimson fire deep into her thighs, lighting her skies with shimmering sheets of coloured magic.

The day shift over Night went to work, paving the way for lovers to play, and painting the town red.

While Day slept Night kept her watchful eye on forrest and city, owl and cat, postal train and criminal gang.

Reluctantly Day awoke as Night climbed back into bed. “Wakey wakey, sleepy head!” she said.

Mounting him she stirred his ardour. Grasping him between her thighs, she caused him to rise. Birds sang loudly in response to their cries.

Once again the power of their passion set the heavens ablaze, illuminating elysian with the colours of love.

Written by a member of the congregation of All Hallows.


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