Waxwings at All Hallows!


Photo taken Sunday morning 18th November 2012

looking west from All Hallows. The total number of birds in this flock was 53 !

One response to “Waxwings at All Hallows!

  1. What an exciting Sunday morning! About 10 members of the congregation stood in the children’s room watching the flock of waxwings circling and landing in the trees at the back of the church and thanks to Richard’s binoculars, we got some great views!

    For those who want to know, waxwings arrive in Britain for the winter from Scandinavia and the phenomenon is known as an “irruption”. When the weather is particularly bad in Scandinavia we get large numbers of them stripping the berries from rowan and hawthorn trees, but they also eat berries from cotoneaster and rose hips, both of which we have in the church garden!

    I first saw waxwings many years ago in and around Hanover Square, just along the road from All Hallows, it seems that they like to winter around our patch of Leeds – I’ve never seen them near our house and we have lots of rowan and hawthorn!

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