Next Work Morning – NOT January 19th

Ooops, it appears that we are double booked and the church is being used for a recording session so we won’t be able to do any work that morning! Sorry! Watch this space for  a new date.

We are planning another work morning on Saturday 19th January starting at 8am or as soon after as you want to join us. Hopefully we will have breakfast together about 9am.

Christmas is over, the decorations are down but the cold weather hasn’t gone so one of the jobs we are planning is to track down the major drafts and see if we can deal with them. We still have the window grills to finish and there are lots of minor repair jobs to do. If Steve is available we also aim to try and tidy the vestry. And if anyone fancies polishing the piano ……!

So, as always, if you would like to join us for an action packed morning full of fun and new discoveries, join us then. If you plan to come it would be appreciated if you could let us know (Steve, or myself) then we can make sure there is enough food! Children and adults welcome.

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