Lent Groups: “Food and Faith in Lent”

questionThis year at All Hallows “Food and Faith in Lent” is about trying to find answers to some of the difficult questions faith throws up.

Food and Faith in Lent starts on the 20th February in the café from 7pm to 9pm, the days vary from week to week to allow for attendance of a variety of people.

During Food and Faith in Lent we shall be looking at:

  • “Believe and you will be saved’- what does this actually mean?” Steve, Wednesday 20th February
  • “How did one man create the world in 7 days?” Jack, Thursday 28th February
  •  “Why does God allow suffering?”  Rachel, Monday 4th March
  •  “Can we always forgive?” Alison, Tuesday 12 March (tbc)
  •  “Religion causes wars!?” Hannah, Monday 18th March (tbc)

There will be pizzas! See you there!


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