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… fund raising!

Sponsor Burj!

As many of you now know, after lots of consultation, consideration and contemplation, along with lots of prayer, the PCC has made the decision that we will stay in our current buildings and that we will find ways of working towards a more sustainable way of being All Hallows’, both financially and environmentally. As a result of this, we need to raise some money in order to maintain and improve the building. The first main task is to fix the roof since there is no point in doing improvements inside the building if they are only going to be spoilt by the water than pours in every time it rains. There are lots of other small and big tasks to tackle but we will aim to remember that the most important thing is the people!

Burj's feetWith this in mind, Burj has volunteered to do a sponsored Yorkshire Three Peaks walk in aid of the roof and in order to get prepared for this we are going to have a series of walks over the next few months. The proposed walks are:

  • Saturday 23rd March – a walk from All Hallows’ to Thwaite Mills along the canal and back passing the Royal Armories …. and Hannah and Burj’s home. The walk will start at 10:15am.
  • Saturday 13th April – a walk from Marsden in the Pennines
  • Saturday 25th May – a walk in the Dales
  • Saturday 15th June – The Three Peaks!

All of the walks will have different stages suitable for everyone, the idea is that everyone can take part in some way. More details to follow along with sponsor forms, publicity and blister packs!

Sponsor Burj!

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