Are you on the Electoral Roll?

Once every six years the electoral roll is renewed, this means that everyones name is removed from the electoral roll and you must make a new application to be put back on it.

What is the electoral roll?
It is the parish church’s register of electors; if you are on the Electoral Roll, you are entitled to nominate, be nominated for, and vote for membership of the PCC and Deanery Synod.

So, are you on the electoral roll?
Well, if you haven’t filled in a new form this year then, no, you aren’t!

What do I need to do?
Attached to this post is an application form that you can fill in to join / rejoin the electoral roll. You can also get a paper copy at Church. This form also contains space for you to add your details (phone and email address)  for addition to the All Hallows’ Church Directory. If you do not want any of those details to be included in the Directory please tick the boxes accordingly.
Please return completed forms to the Electoral Roll officer (Bob) or to any of the clergy or church wardens.


Electoral Roll Form

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