Reflection 17th March 2013

Reflections from Christian Aid for Lent

A week for our precious planet:

While Christian Aid partners delivered life-saving food aid in Ethiopia during the drought of 2011, for many people the most pressing need was to save their livestock, which are their livelihoods. When Hereg Dane was found to have lost half her animals, Christian Aid partner Agri Service enclosed a piece of land so her community could grow fodder without it being destroyed by wild animals or livestock. Thanks to this vital enclosure, Hereg has been able to save the rest of her herd.

The world’s poorest are on the front line of climate change, suffering first and hardest. Christian Aid week in May (12-18) will take the theme “Bite Back at Hunger”. How will you be involved? You can do something practical in our local community NOW!

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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