New book by Keith Hebden

seeking justiceSome of you may remember Keith Hebden who was connected with All Hallows’ about 7 years ago (before my time unfortunately!) He is now working as “Seeking Justice” adviser in the deanery of Mansfield and has just published a new, challenging book called “Seeking Justice” which I am currently reading. Subtitled “The Radical Compassion of Jesus” it looks at how we can build compassionate communities of resistance to challenge the unjust structures and powers that keep us from being compassionate, creative people who do justly, love mercy and walk humbly together with their God.

I am finding this a challenging and stimulating book. If any of you would care to meet together at some point to discuss what he has written and perhaps to work through some of the exercises he has at the end of each chapter then do let me know.

Keith also has a blog where “we can find, share and develop resources for nonviolent resistance to unjust powers: resources shaped by faith and tested in community.”


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