Community Garden work afternoon – no.1

This afternoon was our first work session in the church garden which we hope to develop into a community garden. As you can see from this photo the garden has been neglected for some time, the grass was being cut regularly until last year and some of the plants are rather overgrown.


There have been a good number of people who have expressed interest in getting the garden going and after church today we got started. The sun kept breaking out between the clouds and the rain held off allowing us to complete several hours of work. A huge Russian Vine which has already manged to invade into the church building through a window vent was cut right back to the ground and now awaits burning to enrich the soil, the very large rose tree seen in the middle of the picture above was pruned back to a more manageable size, huge amounts of rubbish (and potential treasure?) was cleared up and we made a start on the first vegetable bed. This bed is full of rubble, presumably from the old church so we felt that we were a bit like a Time Team. We hope that in a week or two we will get this bed dug over properly so that we can grow some legumes and green manure in it in order to improve the soil.

We hope to continue work next Sunday afternoon – everyone welcome.

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Thanks to Tony, Joanne, Lois, Angus, Ramesh and Rob and a big thank you to Rev Steve for lending us some tools …. and I’m so sorry about the TV cable!

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