A gift from the past…

These four stoles (pictured) arrived recently with the accompanying letter from Mrs Rosemary Evans of Bedford. Mrs Evans writes that the stoles belonged to the late Reverend John Frame (vicar of All Hallows 1942-50) and were passed to John’s sister Joyce, who thought we might be glad to receive them.


The letter goes on:

“After being educated at Reading School, (John) went on St Edmund Hall, Oxford, graduating with an honours degree in Modern History in 1935; his ordination as a priest in the Church of England followed training at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. His curacies in Leeds between 1937 and 1940 were at St George’s and St Cyprian’s churches and during his incumbency at All Hallows church (1942-50) he was at some time Scoutmaster of the 11th Northwest Leeds Group. After leaving the church he taught religion and other subjects for many years until his retirement in 1977, dying in October 1986. I do hope that the stoles can still be put to good us.”

I’m very glad to think that his surviving sister felt that these stoles should return to the church where her brother was once incumbent.


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  1. The stoles of the late Reverend John Frame (vicar of All Hallows 1942-50) certainly have been ‘put to good use’ – at least as far as I am concerned. Though I, even as a then choirboy who would have seen them regularly, don’t recall the finer detail of any of said stoles, I remember the man himself – though increasingly vaguely now, as I met him some 70 or so years ago: A tall rangy man with ruddy cheeks, if I recall.
    I seem to remember also his being succeeded by a certain Rev. Thurston Payne who was (allegedly) recalled from his retirement to stand in for John post-1950. Rev. Payne signed my application for my very first passport – when Herbert Morrison was foreign secretary – in order that I might travel to Switzerland on my first (& only) school trip.

    I don’t recall John’s being Scoutmaster of The 11th Northwest Scout troop. The ‘Skipper’ I do remember, as a member of the 11th Northwest Wolf Cub Pack at the time, was married to our pack’s ‘Baloo’, & they lived in a house behind Spring Grove Terrace – whilst a Miss Robinson was our Akela & Peter Guest – nephew of the owner of Guest’s Crown Laundry which was opposite my school in Queen’s Rd, was our Rama.

    I was saddened to discover that my old church had been burned down – but He who was reputed to ‘move in mysterious ways’ would doubtless have had His mysterious reasons…

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