Community Garden weekend – Sunday Afternoon – no.5

Sunday 5th May, beautiful weather and we are going to get these trees planted!

Dandelion Tree!

Dandelion Tree!


After the church service the congregation were invited to come into the garden to see how things were going, to discuss our plans and to see where their peas and beans are going to end up. The children in particular seemed to enjoy the garden and very quickly picked loads of dandelions to make chains of yellow flowers which they hung from the rose tree.



With a larger number of volunteers we managed to dig over the bed next to the fence and to finish digging out the trench for the trees to a sufficient depth and width so in went the rest of the trees along with two blackcurrants and two loganberries which we will try to grow up the fence to provide some privacy for the vicarage.

We also dismantled the old fence for the wood panels that we hope to use for making slightly raised beds. The timber is old and dry but it should suffice for the time being. We also have a huge pile of cuttings from the cotoneaster that was cut down. We had hoped to burn this for the ash to enrich the soil but we ran out of time and it will probably be removed by contractors during the week – an opportunity missed!

A huge thank you to Tony, Joanne, Pippa, Rob, Ramesh, Steve, Danny, Catherine, Buster (the dog!), the children and everyone else who helped to make the weekend so productive. The garden is beginning to take shape!

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