Community Garden session 6 – Sunday Afternoon 12th May

This Sunday we invited members of the congregation to bring back their pea and bean plants if they had grown to a reasonable size – and if they wanted to – so that we could plant them in the garden. Unfortunately, because it had taken us so long to prepare the ground for the apple trees the first vegetable bed was not ready so the beans and peas were planted along the vicarage fence and under the other two fruit trees along with some strawberry plants. It never ceases to amaze me how few people have grown plants from seed or planted plants out in the garden! Definitely something to work on.

Raised BedOnce we had planted our young plants we went back to tackling the first vegetable bed. Since we now have timber from the blown down fence we don’t have to go foraging / purchasing any edging yet, however, the timbers are slightly shorter than the width of the bed so rather than messing about with cutting wood to size we are going to reduce the width of the bed slightly. Alternatively we could “nick” some of the timbers from the nice new fence to the vicarage – or maybe not! Joanne yet again started digging to Australia using the new spade and fork that we now have (thanks Tony and Joanne!) but this time she came up against a much tougher barrier, a lump of rock almost as wide as the vegetable bed. Fortunately, by the time we get the bed raised the soil should be deep enough for most plants but it has reminded us of what we are up against.

The contractors who put up the fence said that they were coming back to take away the plant waste and last week we thought that we had missed out the chance of burning it and incorporating the ash into the soil. Fortunately they haven’t been so the two pyromaniacs (T&J) set light to it being careful not to burn down the church.

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Many thanks this week to Tony, Joanne, Andrea, Kate, all the pea and bean growers, the children, to anyone else I have forgotten and to the tea boy (Rev Steve). I’ve got a few weeks off now for good behaviour so Tony and Joanne are in charge and I hope to be writing up some of the Permaculture thinking behind the planning of the garden over the next few weeks.



One response to “Community Garden session 6 – Sunday Afternoon 12th May

  1. santiago calderón

    that garden-like here in Spain is called-is fantastic. I think it’s a wonderful vision to understand two key issues for any believer: God and creator of life and all it can find (especially beauty), and, second, that divine creation is the basis for the development of the community .
    Only suggest you do a little more creative and planted tomatoes, peppers, onions and potatoes. I here in my town (Berge Small yacht Spanish people) and I do, I plant tomatoes peppers etc. (what was said).
    A whole community of All Hallows Leeds: I congratulate you for this brilliant way to build community and send a big hug as proof of love and sympathy to you all. All you broadcast me a great mood and happiness and you broadcast ME A GREAT EXAMPLE. Thank you.
    Steve you are a big presbyter and a great person from the human standpoint and believer. Too bad not having you around.

    From Spain: Santiago Calderon,

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