As a Christian, I enjoy joining the dots… things connect and unexpected ideas come together from different quarters. Recently I’ve been thinking about Paul’s challenges on Permaculture  as well as my varied interests as an art psychotherapist. A training conference the other day entitled “An introduction to eco-psychology” provided some intriguing links.

The facilitator, Nick Totton, is looking for ways to transform therapy, (we could use the word “healing practice”), through applying some of the core concepts of ecology. He provides a framework through which we can both think about how we respond without overwhelm to the needs of the planet, and look to help our own and others’ inner transformation too. See the book, “Wild Therapy: undomesticating inner and outer worlds” by Nick Totton.

I have also been following reflections month by month in another book:
Environmental Arts Therapy and the Tree of life: a monthly guide for your soul’s journey on this beautiful earth” by Ian Siddons Heginworth. This takes me into the woods regularly seeking metaphors and processes for my own healing. I’m thinking over the wonderful inner adventure I’ve experienced in the six months of having moved to a new house with a vegetable garden, and near woods. I’m still exploring why this has been so refreshing and formative, a kind of reconnection with small pockets of the natural world.

It looks like All Hallows is going a similar way as we open up the garden for people. Let’s keep reflecting on the spiritual significance of this…

Pippa Woodhams

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