Community Garden session 7 – Sunday Afternoon 19th May

In the absence of Paul the garden continued to grow a little on Sunday. We started out doing some weeding. Pippa and Jackie brought along their peas and beans which looked like they had been very happy on her window sill. She also dropped off a palette to help build the compost heap!

Danny offered his assistance again and together with Jo they planted some beans and peas in the raised bed. Tony wrestled with some more large stones while digging and extended the raised bed a little – hardly noticeable really but enough for some more planting this weekend. Some of the removed grass turfs were added upside down to the bottom of the bed so that the grass can rot down.

Rev Steve has been watering the plants during the week and they are looking good.

Next Sunday we hope to have a team working again when we will try to dig and build the remainder of the first raised bed, and possibly cut the grass. A few more palettes and we’ll be able to build the compost heap as well. Progress is slowly being made!


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