Walk, walk, walk!


Saturday June 15th sees the day of our sponsored assault on the 3-Peak area of the Yorkshire Dales. After all the training comes the real thing! Burj and some others are aiming to do all three, Some are aiming at two, Rev Steve is aiming at one and hopefully has some support to help him over it, and those who are perhaps a “little over the hill” or are a bit too small for the Peaks are doing a shorter walk in the valley along with providing transport, support, food and water.

There are two main aims for this day, though I am sure some people may have more! The first is to have a lot of fun and fellowship together in beautiful surroundings. The second is to raise some money to help towards the repair of the roof.

All Hallows has a beautiful roof inside but sadly, the roof outside is not so good. Initially we need to replace the gulleys which are not deep enough to cope with the heavy rains that we have had in the last few years but they also leak, thus the frequent use of buckets around the church. Eventually we want to replace the whole roof and insulate the roof at the same time. This will cost considerably more and we are currently working on how we will raise this money.

So, if you would like to help us at All Hallows’ raise money to repair and then replace the roof do please sponsor our walk (click on the boots on the left) or give a donation (click on the drip on the left). You can sponsor us online or download, print out and use the sponsor form.


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