Community Garden – 16th June 2013

There are a lot of tired feet and legs around church today after yesterday’s walk but we still managed to raise a group of people to do a bit of work today. Over the last couple of weeks Tony and Joanne, with some help from Danny and others, have made a superb effort on digging the beds (yes, it is now plural!) Today we managed to get the wooden edge for the first bed finished, this is made from the timber that used to be the vicarage fence until the wind blew it down. It’s not brilliant timber but it was a timely gift that blew in!

The four apple trees are doing really well and I am very pleased with them. The peas and beans are making steady progress, they have been a bit buffeted by the wind and we will need to look at how we support them a bit better and perhaps protect them a bit better. We have flower on the loganberry and strawberries so hopefully we will get some fruit this year. The two rose trees and the unidentified tree near the gate look stunning after their pruning and with all the flower that is on them they are buzzing with bees.

The grass has got a little too long and Rob and Ramesh have made a very brave effort to cut it using a push mower! Hopefully the church mower will reappear this week after a much needed service and repair. The wild flowers in the grass do look stunning though and we will be keeping a wild flower grass patch.

After the morning service the garden was also visited by the Archdeacon of Leeds, the Venerable Paul Hooper who led our service this morning. Unfortunately we were unable to persuade him to stay long enough to join us in the digging!

The huge amount of stone that has been dug out suggests that we will need to import some topsoil or compost so …. get your tyres pumped up on your wheelbarrows, we may need them soon!

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