Thank you walkers ……

THANK YOU to all the walkers, bumblers, cyclists, prayers, texters of support and donaters who made the 3 Yorkshire peaks picnic such a success! The children’s team managed to get to the foot of Pen-y-Ghent, with much joke telling, sheep impressions and singing. The one peakers strode on with style, waving their beautiful flags with pride on the mountain top. The ‘hard core’ of Andrea, Sarah, Amy, Danny and Burj skipped their way through torrential rain and flooded bogs to complete the course in under 12 hours. Go team go!

If you haven’t yet had the chance to show your support for the courage, flag waving and joke telling motley crew, please visit our Just Giving page.


Hannah x

Bob and Martin set a blistering pace!

Spot the peregrine!

A merry band of walkers.

David flies the flag for All Hallows’

2 responses to “Thank you walkers ……

  1. Thanks Ram,
    aches and pains subsided nicely – great memories of a fantastic day remain!
    BIG thanks to Burj for all the organisation – tremendous. And well done to everyone who turned out and made Saturday such a brilliant event.
    Love to all,
    Steve x

  2. Well done all. Steve – don’t forget the ibuprofen for all those muscle aches and pains. Bob – well done and so impressed. Burj – hope u had a nice restful time in bed. And the flags look fab. Well done all.

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