Work Morning 20th July 2013

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A huge thank you to the “work crew” who helped to achieve so much on Saturday morning. Loads of jobs were done including:

  • The memorial garden looks amazing mainly due, I think, to “Farmer” Dave with a little help from his parents and sister!
  • Pippa, fresh back from Australia and Holyrood house, attacked the bush with vigour – it looks like there is now room to park extra cars!
  • Repairs to the window grill
  • Cleaning the weeds from the paving slabs at the front and of the church (Burj et al)
  • Litter picking (“Farmer” Dave got quite good at using the litter picker tongs)
  • Grass cutting
  • Church cleaning (thank you Catherine)
  • Bid writing (Jan and Rachel)
  • Gardening and child minding (Tony and Joanne)
  • and lots of other jobs and people – I didn’t keep an eye on everyone so I can’t record you all!

We also had plenty of time to chat and had a great barbeque with a brief but welcome appearance from Rev Steve over the fence – we wish him a speedy recovery.

So, apologies if I missed your name or the job you did from the list. You are an amazing lot and I hope you enjoyed the morning.


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