Work morning 21st September 2013

I arrived at church this morning just in time to “capture” the sunrise in the church windows and I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to remove the grills one day soon and “free” the reflection of the sun!



We weren’t expecting many workers to day but we managed to achieve quite a bit. The windows at the front of the cafe and office were sanded down and under-coated by Richard (except we ran out of paint!) Sonia and Iris made some progress in the kitchen closely supervised by Danny!

The garden has not had the attention it should have done over the last few weeks with Tony and Joanne moving away – they are greatly missed – but I managed to get the posts and wires set up along the fence at the top of the wall. We will be growing some plants up the posts and wires to provide some protection from the wind and to help make the fence more secure and safe.


Despite a bit of neglect the peas and beans have done very well and I was able to pick half a washing bowl full. The rose-hips look fantastic – perhaps someone might like to make some rose-hip syrrup (or wine!) and the apple trees have done very well, especially the “Bloody Ploughman”.

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So, another productive work morning. Here’s to the next one!

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