When Israel was in Egypt’s land …..

When Israel was in Egypt’s land the Israelites were slaves and had to do all sorts of manual labour by hand, and they had to sort out their own food!

overseer and slave

You are all invited to join us in the garden next Sunday after church when you have the choice of being treated like slaves, building paths out of stone with your bare hands, or dressing up as Egyptian overseers!


Actually, we just want to “chill out” in the garden, enjoy the space, share food together, ….. and build the odd path!

Do come along and join us. If you can, bring some food along to share. If you are really keen there is a barbeque and some charcoal but someone will need to organise it and let everyone know to bring sausages, etc (I’m going to be overseeing the slaves building the paths!)

And if the weather is inclement – the Israelite slaves just had to put up with it – but we’ll decamp to the café.


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