… let my children go!

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It was pointed out to me today that when the Bible talks about the “Children of Israel” it didn’t mean just the children. So maybe I shouldn’t have put all the children of All Hallows’ into slavery today. Oh well, too late!

But what fantastic slaves they made – though I was told that I wasn’t a very friendly slave driver! We have been toiling in the garden since the spring and progress has been so painfully slow at times as we have hacked through the stony soil in an attempt to make a garden. In come the slaves and, wow, they have the paths built in no time at all.

A huge thank you  to all the slaves (children), overseers (adults) and Buster the Lion-Dog for all their efforts, to Steve and helpers for the barbeque, and to Katherine Hogg from Christian Aid who preached today about the people of South America who harvest the Brazil nut and protect the forests against the huge economic might of companies who want to grab the land and, in effect, force the people into economic slavery. May we all find the same passion and anger that Jeremiah and Amos had against these forms of oppression, and may we find ways to stand and support those who are being or are in danger of being oppressed.

Now, where have my slaves gone?

King Tuten-Magnall, Pharaoh of the Upper Garden of All Hallows’
(otherwise known as church warden!)

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  1. Burjor Langdana

    Fab stuff king tuten magnall!

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