Reflection 13th October 2013

Why do we need Inclusive Church? Why do we have to argue for what many of us see as the bleedin’ obvious? Because the Church, the institution that hands these stories down, has so often got it wrong. The church’s mission is to bring people closer to God. But all too often we see ourselves as ‘gatekeepers’ and ‘guardians’ who keep certain individuals out, rather than the prophets and priests that bring Christ out to everyone. But our job is not to guard, but to proclaim. This mentality of ‘circling the wagons’ and refusing to engage with the best of secular thinking, is what allows outdated prejudices to flourish, and could kill the church… Inclusion is the Gospel. The Good news is that every one of us is invited to live in God’s kingdom. Jesus said: “Come onto me who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Jesus did not say “Come unto me you heterosexual people (and men only if you are interested in the episcopate…)” “Come onto me all who are heavy laden…” “all” Jesus “all” goes beyond the superficial boundaries of gender, sexuality, ethnicity & social class… Yet so often the Church of England has become a straight, white gentleman’s club.

(from Inclusive Church website)

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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