Reflection 10th November 2013

Who calls these wars? Who makes them ours?
Who pays for lives in paper flowers?
Symbols don’t undo such loss,
Blind grief sweetened with candy floss!
We need assurance, clear and plain
that our love’s loss was not in vain.
No, no jingoist’s profanity
Bloody conflict mocks humanity.
God knows and sees and feels and weeps
on every grave where people sleep,
but more so when, just like his Son,
died for peace; but it can’t be ‘won’.
For no war ever guarantees our peace,
Love alone brings conflict’s sure release;
“Is my love of peace misunderstood and scorned?
Could this mean that I am not yet sufficiently peace-loving?”
(Albert Schweitzer)

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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