Work morning 16th November 2013

Sometimes I am amazed at how much work we can get done when we put our minds to it and someone dangles a carrot (or a bean stew) in front of us! Our plan for this work morning was to clean the cooker hood which needs an annual degrease, polish and shine. This was duly accomplished with lots of elbow grease from Steve and Di and passed inspection from Sonja. You may have to wear sunglasses when you visit the kitchen if all the lights are switched on!

Several other jobs were finished as well including:

  • a TV and DVD player have been installed in the meeting room and the TV will be able to connect up to a computer if required;
  • the old sign at the front of the church has been taken down and a Rowan tree (mountain ash) has been planted in its place;
  • the gents toilet has a new toilet seat!
  • some of the windows now look so clean it looks like there’s no glass (well done Nick and Jan!)
  • some pallets for making compost bins were delivered and moved into the back garden (thanks Richard!)
  • Jan and Di cleared and tidied the vestry, the cleaning cupboard, the safe, …… If you can’t find anything now, ask Jan!

We finished our morning’s work with a shared meal including a bean stew made by Steve. I think we must have a look at Steve’s job description again!

Thanks to everyone who took part, and those of you who would have been there but for circumstances – we remembered you as we worked.

And now a chance for everyone to take part in a caption competition – what captions would you add to these photos?

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One response to “Work morning 16th November 2013

  1. Important omission from the above – Big thanks to Paul for organising and keeping us all in order as well as doing the ‘techie’ type jobs!

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