Reflection 22nd December 2013

Seems shepherds always get the worst of it …, by Sally Foster-Fulton

Seems shepherds always get the worst of it …
Cold hillsides and rocky, barren places.
Sheep and sheep and more sheep – and sleepless nights counting them.
No camels to ride or gifts to bear, no wisdom either – just second-hand news.

Seems shepherds always get the worst of it …
Bathrobes and tea towels and the back of the stage – sharing one line:
‘Let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has been made known to us.’
No tinsel or glitter or golden wings.

Seems shepherds always get the worst of it …
Minimum wage and zero-hours contracts.
No pension plan or savings account – no respect either.
Just systemic injustice that keeps them in their lowly places.

Seems they had something in common with the baby they visited.
Later, he would call himself a shepherd.
Later, he would lay aside his wants for the needs of his sheep.
Later, he would say ‘If you love me, you will feed my lambs.’
In the face of the worst, he would give his best.
So there is wisdom.
There is glory without the gold.
And there is hope that there will be justice for those who always
seem to get the worst of it.

From Hope Was Heard Singing: Advent Resources, Sally Foster-Fulton, Wild Goose Publications, 2013
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