Shared Lunch – Sunday 5th January 2014

Sunday 5th January 2014 – Shared lunch after church.

Photo 2 Job description, what job description?

We will be looking back and reflecting on all that has happened at All Hallows’ over the last 5 years since Steve came to join us – what we have achieved together and what we would like to have achieved.

So please come with some food to share, your memories, perhaps photos or stories, and with your ears!

One response to “Shared Lunch – Sunday 5th January 2014

  1. santiago calderon

    I do not know if I can imagine All Hallows without Steve. It’s a community that I knew not, like I’m something of mine and I associate the person Steve.Acepto the change of scenery is good for Steve but for me it will not just when you think that kind of Anglican Communion Leeds. I feel happy because Steve is free but also experiment sadness because I will have no news on anything anymore. And what I find most sad: and I can never associate with All Hallows. God bless you but you know someone you like your will continue loving you too well in the dark silence.
    Damn I do not know the person wanting to know but not the person. Greetings. Santiago from Spain.

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