Reflection 19th January 2014

We see differently

One day Benedict sent the young disciple Placid to fetch water. Impatient, maybe, or just inexperienced, Placid let the bucket fill too rapidly, lost his balance, and was pulled into the lake, where the current quickly seized him and carried him from shore. When Benedict realized what had happened, he ordered another young monk, Maurus, to go to Placid’s rescue. But first, Maurus begged Benedict for a blessing. Then Maurus rushed down the mountain, ran straight across the water to where Placid was flailing for his life and dragged him back to safety, amazed himself at what he had done.

The story is an important one for friends and disciples alike. It gives us layers and layers of life to think about.

Like Maurus, it is unlikely that most of us would have done anything of real significance in our lives if we had not been called to it by someone else.

Everyone needs a wisdom figure in life who gives direction, confidence and spiritual guidance.

Friendship calls us beyond ourselves to love without expecting a return, to live without counting costs. Friendship is our ability to see the needs of the other.

The miracles in our lives are seldom of our own making. They are simply the function of a few loving friends, the people around us who care enough to call us beyond our own definitions of ourselves.

Love inspires.

Joan Chitester

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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