The Lord’s Prayer

There is an open group meeting to study the Lord’s Prayer. Not everyone can be there so to help us all join in here are some of the thoughts that have come from that group. Why not choose a few of these questions to think about and we will meet to talk about them at a ‘Grub and Gossip’ type meeting during Lent. Or you may choose to chat about them over a cup of tea or coffee. As the weeks go by there will be some more specific questions about each part of the prayer for us to share.

  1. What is prayer?    Individual or corporate.
  2. What makes it so difficult to talk and share about?
  3. For some people personal prayer is really important, and for others it’s just what they do in church and the rest is for “others” to get on with. What place does prayer play in our lives?
  4. We can learn to pray:  what teaching is helpful?  What has helped me in the past? Could we do lifelines of important moments or themes in our prayer journey?
  5. Can you find one friend and ask them what they do?
  6. Disciples said to Jesus, “Teach us to pray”.  How would you answer if someone asked this to you?
  7. Think about how your ways of praying and how it can change over life stages, in different places or in different moods, in times of joy or tragedy, when work/life balance makes it almost impossible.
  8. Think about prayer and personality.
  9. When is discipline – for example having a prayer ‘list’ or having a regular prayer time – helpful or when can it hinder?
  10. How can we do more praying together at AH?

Remember, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, has different background, inclination, theology and opportunity!

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