Reflection 2nd March 2014

The following psalm was written by a young man still at school who invites us to understand God in both genders and in very human terms; a God for today, for all people in all circumstances but overwhelmingly on our side, living and working with, for and among the people who are loved beyond any breadth and depth than we will ever know…….

Who is God?
God is a shoulder to cry on, –
support yourself on him.
God is a joker, laugh with him.
God is peace, relax in her.
God is a father, sit on his lap.
God is a bird, shelter under her wings.
God is a builder, work with him.
God is love, care with her.
God is the defender of justice –
stand up with him for what is right.
God is creation, create with her.
God is a mother, love with her.
God is a child, marvel with him.
God is all good, never condemn yourself by her.
God is a tree, stand tall and straight with him.
God is a friend, trust in her.
God is a wind, who cannot be seen –
but who can be felt.
God is creation, rejoice in it.
God is part of you –
and you are part of God.
Laugh with, and at,
and love yourself.
(OJWC 1998) From myself I’m a stone, but through You I am a gem.

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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