Work Morning 8th March 2014

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m shattered! I thought we were going to have a work morning but it felt more like a work day and some people were so keen they wouldn’t go home!

It was a brilliant day and a big thank you to all who came and took part. The main church looks wonderfully polished, clean and tidy (special thanks to Florence), the children’s room looks amazing, a load of unwanted “stuff” has been removed, reduced or recycled, the Memorial Garden looks better than it has done for a while, and the new mower has been well and truly tested by several people. Loads of other jobs were done and we even found the controls for the water feature. Bacon “sarnies”, mushrooms and flapjack along with a gallon or two of tea helped us along.

The requests for more work mornings has been heard and as soon as I have recovered from this one I will book a date for the next.

My apologies for the shortage of photos this time, I think we were too busy working!

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