Reflection 6th April 2014

Lent is nearly over…..
………….Not far to go now

Many people wonder if it is all worth it.
After all, who benefits from our sacrifices?
Every step we take, every bit of effort,
Each offering or strained spiritual muscle,
brings us closer to those who suffer every day.
Our temporary hunger unites us with the hungry,
Our sleeplessness, with those who have no bed.
Our relinquished luxuries, with all who have little or nothing,
Our prayers serve those who cannot or do not, pray.
Our tears with those who cannot cry.
And from each sacrifice, mindfully offered, a greater awareness.
Enlightenment to power a determination to name injustice.
And strength, to act on behalf of those brought to mind.
If all the Lenten intentions were converted into action, we could change the world.

Judith Carpenter

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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