Reflection 4th May 2014

Celebrations are the firework moments of life that bring with them a sense of what it means to have become another part of ourselves. Always, always, they deepen the very meaning of life for us as we go along.

Most important of all, perhaps, there is as much a spiritual component to celebration as there may be a social one. Celebrations are what help us to realize, to recognize, who we really are and want to be. At our deepest moments in life, as part of our highest aspirations.

The very idea of “celebration” has, in the Western world, been a gift of the church to us.

In feudal times, the celebration of feast days—celebrations of the great moments of the faith and the great holy people who had once given light to our lives—punctuated all the great seasons of the year. They took us deeper and deeper into what it meant to talk about life as sacred and so to live a spiritually centered life.

Joan Chittister.

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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