The Consecration of the Parish Church of All Hallows Leeds, February 10th, 1974

Below is an extract from the service brochure used at the service for “The Consecration of the Parish Church of All Hallows Leeds, February 10th, 1974”  plus a scan of the whole brochure.

The Parish of All Hallows emerged, like so many others in our big cities, towards the end of the Victorian age, when the church was trying to keep pace with the rapid rise in population of those years. In 1876 a small mission hut was established on Hartwell Road. Soon a new church was planned with the first incumbent, the Reverend Martyn Allnutt, taking personal charge of all building work. The work was completed in 1886 when the first church was consecrated.

During the Edwardian era the life of the district and of its church reached a high peak, with 800 children in Sunday School, 50 men in the Bible Class and a Company of the Church Lads‘ Brigade proudly making its contributions during the first world war.

After the war the wealthy families gradually moved away, but the church continued a faithful witness with outstanding examples of christian faith and charity in each generation.

During the past decade the old Victorian housing has slowly been cleared. New housing has started to take its place and the whole area is scheduled for high density rehousing as the old comes down.

On April 29th, 1970, the old church was devastated by fire. Worship continued in the rather cramped conditions of the Parish Hall and latterly in our neighbouring parish church of St. Augustine, Wrangthorn. We pray that the new church will be the start of a new era for the whole district after the years of demoralisation and decay. At our consecration service we welcome many members of Wrangthorn Church, a sign of our growing unity with our neighbours.

Consecration of All Hallows

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