Mabel Wilson (1922-2014)

Mabel on the swing in her garden April 2014

Mabel on the swing in her garden April 2014

It was with great sadness that we heard that Mabel died on Monday morning. She had a stroke over the weekend and was in hospital. Mabel was one of the most cheerful, lively, saintly people who never let things get her down.

Mabel had a brilliant, positive spirit which was not obviously crushed by her many health problems. She was always cheerful, usually smiling and often laughing.She loved clothes, colour and jewellery and had lovely long hair which she arranged with pretty combs. She adored her garden and was very knowledgeable about plants.

She was the choir at All Hallows’, changing into a choir robe and proud of her choir medallion. She would stand to lead us in singing the Gloria even when her ‘ruddy’ legs (to quote her) were painful.

She may well have been the first ‘green’ person at All Hallows’, making purificators (the cloths used with the chalices) out of shirts and regularly repairing liturgical ‘equipment’. She was creative and was good at tapestry and made us some rainbow vestments.

When I joined her to do the sacristy work, she was definitely the brains of the operation. She was in charge in the vestry and was knowledgeable and unafraid to be critical of clergy, sometimes quite bluntly!

Mabel was a spiritual and very faithful person who always lived in the present and was ready to embrace new ideas.

As well as attending church on a weekly basis, Mabel was also involved with groups associated with All Hallows’. She was a regular at the Tuesday Together group and helped at the St. Margaret’s Playgroup which was based in the Cardigan Centre.

We celebrated Mabel’s 90th. birthday in 2012 in church with cake and beautiful bunting made by the children. We will miss Mabel and give thanks for all that she was to us and for being such a joyful member of the All Hallows’ family.

Mabel helping to make the felt hanging in April 2011

Mabel helping to make the felt hanging in April 2011

Mabel at memorial rose planting for Andrew Shackleton, Spring 2014

Mabel at memorial rose planting for Andrew Shackleton, Spring 2014

Do please share with us your memories of a great lady.

5 responses to “Mabel Wilson (1922-2014)

  1. I remember Mabel comng to chrch with her grandson who was very devted to her.

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful comments regarding my mother.

  3. Very sorry to hear this – I only really spoke to her a handful of times in the years I was going to All Hallows, but she was a definite inspiration, and I was always disappointed if she wasn’t there to lead us in the Gloria! Please pass on sympathies to her family.

  4. Katharine Salmon

    Mabel was really inspirational. She had a lively mind and was always keen to share the history of All Hallows and St Margaret’s. She was an active campaigner for the Movement for the Ordination of Women and was a great support with the Women Bishops campaign. One of my memories of Mabel that always makes me smile was how excited she was when Jan took her home in the car with the roof down-she enjoyed new experiences immensely. She was an extremely kind lady who always had a good word to say about others

  5. Thankyou for this beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady! Amazing photo of her on her swing, what an inspiration! Thankyou Mabel.

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