Work Morning 21st June 2014

Summer solstice – the longest day. A time to get outside and celebrate God’s abundant creation.

So that is what we did today, we had a work morning and barbeque. Because of the beautiful weather we spent nearly all of the time out in the church and vicarage gardens, cutting the abundantly growing grass, planting more fruit trees, tidying the memorial garden, clearing the access route to the new gate into the garden and cleaning the patio area.

Many visitors dropped in to say hello and inspect the garden and it was great to have visitors from the meditation group and a couple from Norfolk who studied here in Leeds back in the 1960s.

The barbeque helped to refuel us and we are very pleased with the progress we have made. The garden is beginning to look fantastic and fruitful with apples, strawberries, peas and rosehips (eventually!) There is a long way to go, loads still to be done but progress is being made and the garden shows that even with poor stony soil it is possible to grow food. If only we shared God’s abundance more equally I am sure there would be enough to go round!

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My apologies for the lack of photos this time, we were so busy I forgot to take many!

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