Reflection 6th July 2014

A psalm

From the depths of disappointment (a psalm) God of the enduring mountains and ever-changing skies, have mercy on your children, wandering this earth, who seek stability and discover that nothing stays the same; who make ethical choices but find they are undermined. We put our money where our mouth was, as a statement of faith; and found that mutuality had sold out to big business. How could you let this happen? How could you fail us, such upright citizens, principled people? We put our trust in the co-operative movement, thinking we were standing on solid ground; but it shifted like sinking sands – our confidence was shaken. Divisions in society widen, the banks crumble and fail. Can your spirit, like a swift-flowing river, bring radical change? Sweep us off our feet, God, set us free from the mess we’ve helped to make; help us let go of hurt pride, false values, investment in folk with feet of clay. Carry us, like children at play in life-giving waters, to places of transformation, gardens on the margins, where – after the flood – seeds of real hope begin to grow.

– Jan Sutch Pickard – (Member of Iona Community)

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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