Camping trip to Appletreewick (Aptrick)

Our camping weekend is getting closer; so here are a few more details.
We are going to Masons Campsite in Appletreewick, on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th July. It’s a lovely spot and fairly close to Leeds for those who want to join us for the day. Here’s the details if you want to have a closer look.

Masons Campsite
North Yorkshire
BD23 6DD

Tel: 01756 720275

I have already booked in some people in for the Friday and Saturday night (Sarah Fishwick, Sameer and the girls, Burj and Hannah, Ruth, James and the Kids, Rebekah and the kids, Ali Dunn and the kids) and we are hoping that lots more will come along too.

If you would like to come along, then please contact the campsite and make your own booking, referencing ‘ Ruth Hutchison – All Hallows Church’ and they will try and allocate a spot next to where the rest of us are.

The rough price is £20 per night, per tent, but it does depend on the size of the tent and how many are in your tent; but they will work that out with you as you make your booking.

I suggest we have a shared BBQ on Saturday evening, but apart from that if people can plan their own food, then that keeps things fairly simple.

I’ve agreed to the’ Group policy’ on behalf of everyone, which I think I can summarise as ,’don’t be an idiot and try not to annoy people’. I think we can give it a go.

Rough Plan for the weekend
I am fairly loathe to make too many plans as it is so weather dependant and it’s a weekend; but how does this sound for starters and then we can flex and change as we work out who, how many, weather etc
11am ish A walk and picnic (Burnsall, Bolton Abbey, lovely moorland all at our doorstep)
5pm – BBQ back at the campsite
Short fellowship in the morning?

So, please come along and we can have a lovely weekend away together.

Love Ruth

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