All Hallows’ camping trip to Aptrick (Appletreewick)

All Hallows’ very first camping trip (in living memory!) was a lot of fun. Children encouraged grown ups not only into the river but one of them (any guesses who?) coaxed adults into throwing themselves off a very high rope swing! We also enjoyed river walks, ‘mountain’ walks, walks to the loo, not many walks to the shower. You get the picture.

A communal BBQ and giant marshmallow toasting on sat night were followed by touching songs around the camp fire. We had time to hear some very beautiful performances before the rain ended the party. Those of us who are musically challenged breathed a sigh of relief that we had been spared the ordeal.

Sunday morning worship was also very beautiful with people giving thanks for everything from the river ( brought in a small cups by some of the children) to the sense of family. We think we should make our family holiday every year the weekend after the kids break up. Any takers?

Love Hannah x

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2 responses to “All Hallows’ camping trip to Aptrick (Appletreewick)

  1. We want buster to come too!

  2. Catherine Hicks

    Buster wants to come next year!

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