Reflection 17th August 2014

Is there is more to holidays than meets the eye?

Among the rather depressing things heard expressed by some people must be included the words “I hate change!”. There may be good reasons for this; a topsy-turvy early life, many house moves, insecurity, fear and so on. But change is what happens regardless, it is what takes us forward, helps us grow, interiorly and exteriorly; and someone once said that “if we are not growing, then we are dying”. It is not in human nature to always remain the same. Holidays can be an opportunity to explore change as they are chosen purposely by us and are time-limited, so can be controlled to avoid anxiety.

They can be the chance of an adventure, a different view; relaxation of rigid routines and habits; camping, music festivals, visiting places of interest for the first time; trying to speak another language, eating strange foods, breathing in different air, scented with herbs or flowers foreign to our own gardens. Flying, walking, cycling; on trains, boats [on a lake or across the ocean] and so on…. They all broaden our horizons and deepen our experience, enlightening our vision. Every new experience further rounds our personalities and strengthens our self-confidence. People who are rounded and confident bring much to the world. They can inspire others to take the risk of growing and not to be anxious. If you are lucky enough to be having a holiday this summer may it bring you not only rest, but the frisson of excitement, a bit of a thrill, some tingling nerve-ends, and an adventure you can talk about all winter! And through it all, may you grow into becoming even more the authentic person that God made, and who lurks within!

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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